We have mood Italian charms, an Italian charm mood watch, and an Italian charm mood necklace.  This color changing jewelry is a lot of fun.  The face of the mood watch and the stones of the Italian charms and necklace change colors with your mood.  The mood Italian charms fit standard size Italian charm bracelets, watches, and keyrings.  Add standard size Italian charms to the Italian charm mood watch and mood necklace.

We will include a color color meanings chart with each piece of mood jewelry ordered.  We will also include instructions on how to add and remove Italian charms with the watch and necklace.

Our mood watch is on sale.

(These items ship within 2 business days.)


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Mood Italian Charm
Standard size stainless steel Italian charm with heart mood stone.  Mood colors meaning chart included.


Mood Italian Charm
Standard size stainless steel Italian charm with oval mood stone.  Mood color meanings chart included.


Mood Watch
Watch face changes colors with your mood.  Watch face is 7/8" wide.  Fits up to 7 1/4" wrist.  Add standard size Italian charms to this watch.  Remove bracelet links to make smaller.  Instructions included.
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Mood Necklace
You can add standard size Italian charms to the mood Italian charm on this necklace.  16" chain included.  Instructions on adding and removing Italian charms included.
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