Reasons to Avoid DIY Wood Floor Refinishing

Throughout the world, individuals admire the hardwood floors due to its pure beauty and elegance. Almost every homeowner knows about the durability of hardwood flooring.  

However, not all materials are perfect. Over time, hardwood loses its shine and will show marks and scratches. A high-quality refinishing helps to regain the appearance of your hardwood flooring and protect it from water damages, scratches, and much more. In addition to that, you can also change the color and look of the wood floor as well. 

You might choose to do the job yourself if you want to save money. However, this should not be the case. Today, we are going to share with you why you should avoid DIY wood floor refinishing and let a professional Lexington flooring installation company do the job. 

Understanding the Correct Sanding Method 

It isn’t simply about choosing the correct grit of the sanding paper or handling the tools, refinishing needs more than that. The wrong use of floor sander might leave swirl marks on the floor. Of course, watching videos online can teach you how to use the tool. However, it won’t be enough to get the first-hand experience. Experts will guarantee that your wooden floor will not get damaged. In addition to that, they can finish the job fast. 

Wrong Sanding Can Damage the Baseboard and Wall 

An amateur hand can damage easily the baseboard and the wall while you’re sanding the floor. If you don’t have control over your hand, you might run the sander tool close to the edges. This will cause potential damages to the baseboard.  

In this case, however, either the edges might get damaged or you will leave the edges without proper sanding. Thus, for an ideal refinishing, you have to hire a professional who knows how to use the tool. They will know how to properly get rid of the old coating without damaging the edges.  

Choosing the Right Sandpaper 

Refinishing wooden floors require the upper layer of wood to get off through sanding. You will require sandpapers of different grits for sanding. The fine grits will get rid of the light layer. Meanwhile, experts utilize the heavy grits to get rid of the thick layers of coating and paint. It will provide you the opposite outcome if you utilize the wrong grit.  

An experienced and skilled contractor doing wood floor refinishing can tell the grit needed for the project. All they’ve got to do is to check the condition of your flooring. The correct grit gets rid of the required amount of wood from the flooring. It also stops your floors from damages.  

Hardwood Refinishing Needs Heavy Tools 

You might think that it’s easy to handle the tools required for refinishing the floor. However, the truth is that they’re extremely difficult to use. They will require a lot of practice to properly handle them. It does not matter how strong you are, as long as you do not know how to use the tool, you will have a hard time doing the job.  

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